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John Hervey Wheeler


John Hervey Wheeler, also mentioned as W.H. Wheeler

John Hervey Wheeler (1908-1978) was a businessman, lawyer, political activist, and civil rights activist.  Wheeler was born in Bronx, North Carolina.  Wheeler’s father took a position with North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company as a regional supervisor in Atlanta when John was four years old.  Wheeler was raised among Atlanta’s black elite, was a member of Big Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, and finished his high school education at Morehouse College.  Wheeler graduated summa cum laude from Morehouse College with a BA in accounting and finance.  As a lawyer he became the first to challenge segregated schooling in the North Carolina public schools.  He worked on the 1950 court case, Blue v. Durham, where the judge ruled that Durham schools were unequal and that the local school board needed to equalize spending for all schools.

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