Carroll Barber's mug shot, taken after his 1961 arrest for participating in the Freedom Rides.


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Carroll Barber is misidintified in the transcripts as Carroll Barker.  Warren does not quote from this interview in the book.

Photo courtesy Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

Audio courtesy of the University of Kentucky.

Carroll Barber

Feb. 15, 1964
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Carroll Barber
Carroll Barber Bio

Carroll Barber (1924-1999) was born in Geneva, Illinois, and completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan in 1948. Barber later received a graduate degree in anthropology from the University of Arizona. Barber participated in a Freedom Ride from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Jackson, Mississippi. He was arrested on July 15, 1961, for his participation. Barber later served as a part-time instructor at Fisk University in the anthropology department.


Barber discusses issues of black identity and the effect of growing African American populations in urban centers in the North and the South. Barber hypothesizes as to the then-current status of the civil rights movement and white Americans' acceptance of African Americans, and he also considers sectional differences in the pace and progress of the movement. Additionally, Barber comments on civil rights activities in Memphis and he discusses civil rights legislation.


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