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Aaron Henry



Aaron Henry (1922-1997) was a civil rights activist and an American politician. Henry was born in Dublin, Mississippi, the son of sharecroppers.  He served in the Pacific theater of World War II as a staff sergeant with the U.S. Army and later graduated from Xavier University with a degree in political science.  He was elected the president of the Mississippi chapter of the NAACP in 1960.  As a civil rights activist he was arrested multiple times.  During the summer of 1961 he was arrested in Jackson, Mississippi, for his participation as a Freedom Rider.  Later that year he was arrested for organizing a boycott against a Clarksdale, Mississippi, business that discriminated against black employees and customers.  Henry ran for Governor of Mississippi in a 1963 “mock” election where he overwhelmingly won.   Henry was elected to the Mississippi House of Representatives in 1982 where he served until 1996.

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