Mapp to RPW Letter 2/3/66

Pattye Mapp of SNCC writes, following a telegram, in response to the news that Warren will not attend a SNCC fundraiser due to SNCC's position on Vietnam.  Mapp asks Warren to reconsider, encloses SNCC's statement on Vietnam in the hope of clarifying certain issues, and asks Warren to call collect.  

A manuscript note on the letter, apparently in Warren's hand, may indicate that he did seek to make contact: compare this note with the numbers at the foot of Campbell's correspondence.  Underlining on the SNCC statement appears to be in the same pen as these notes.

The enclosed statement, released January 6, 1966, places the United States' intervention in Vietnamese affairs in the context of the continuing "indifference, suspicion, and outright brutality" still received by American civil rights workers, the unequal status of black people in America, and ("for the most part") the absence of free elections in America.  It mentions in particular the murder of Samuel Young in Tuskegee.  It encourages those Americans who prefer to devote their lives to civil rights as an alternative to the draft. 

The correspondence was sent via Special Delivery, likely indicating some haste.  It arrived with five cents postage due.

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