Bayard Rustin apologizes for not yet returning a corrected manuscript to Warren due to a mix-up in his office and asks for another copy that he will correct and return immediately.  He mentions his trip to Oslo with Dr. King.
For the paperback Vintage Books edition of Who Speaks for the Negro? Warren authored a preface commenting on events since the publication of the first edition.  Among other things, he mentions the passage of the Civil Rights Bill; continuing trouble in the South; and riots in Springfield, Massachusetts and in Los Angeles, California.  He predicts certain ways that changes will...
Image of Turner and other CORE activists attempting to stop a bulldozer from working on the construction of a segregated school
Ruth Turner requests a copy of the transcript for her personal files and mentions that she liked some of Warren's questions.
RPW asks about the lawsuit against the Aunt Jemima Pancake House and about financial support from whites for the Legal Defense and Educational Fund.
RPW asks Wilkins about financial contributions to the NAACP and for a comment on a LIFE Magazine article.
The office of Roy Wilkins acknowledges receipt of the interview transcript.  They are reviewing it for errors but will not finish until after the NAACP annual convention.  Under separate cover they are sending two recent NAACP publications.
Roy Wilkins expresses eagerness for the book to be published.  He clarifies aspects of NAACP funding.  He notes that there has been no NAACP litigation against Quaker Oats Company's Aunt Jemima Pancake House brand but acknowledges that some branches have filed complaints.  He refers certain questions about the former to Jack Greenberg or Jesse DeVore, and about the latter to...
Warren writes to arrange a meeting time
Note accompanying transcript for review
Addressed to RPW in Vermont
Whitney Young replies to an Oct. 22 letter from Warren.  Young comments on unemployment statistics and expresses thanks for Warren's review of To Be Equal.

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