In a detailed letter, Albert Rothenberg responds to notes by Warren and discusses oppressor-oppressed relations in terms of anger, servility, sexuality, paternalism, and nonviolence. He questions RPW's reading of Bettleheim.  He mentions plans to see Warren in January, 1965.
Fragment of a description of the accidental death of Rev. Bruce Klunder at a demonstration.
Describes the efforts of the mayor of Jackson, Miss., to create a specialized police force to respond to demonstrations.
Pamphlet from the "Sam Adams Committee of Public Safety."
Original Random House cover
Specifications for the printer on how to print the pages of Who Speaks
This is a draft typescript of the index with manuscript corrections and additions.
L. H. Pollak, a member of the Yale Law School faculty, suggests several interviewees for the book in a multi-page letter.
Advertisement for Who Speaks for the Negro.  It includes comments from Maurice Dolbier, Charles Poore, Gilbert Highet, and C. Vann Woodward.  A manuscript note indicates it appeared in the New York Times on June 18, 1965.
Sioux City Journal article announcing an award Warren won for Who Speaks

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